Our IRs were used in NOKKO's 'フレンズ / THE FIRST TAKE' video.


We are deeply honored that the guitar sound in this video utilized TacoSounds IR.

We are profoundly grateful that Mr. Korenaga, who has built a brilliant career over many years, chose our Cabinet IR.

His first-take performance was truly touching.
Through this full live sound performance, we were able to demonstrate the quality of our Cabinet IR to everyone.

Additionally, we are thrilled to have been able to play even a small part in the process of the song 'フレンズ' by NOKKO and, which has been loved for nearly 40 years, spreading worldwide.

TacoSounds IR has only been established for just over a month.
We will continue to strive to be a part of many people's musical lives, so we kindly ask for your continued support.

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