TacoSounds Featured in THE EFFECTOR BOOK vol.64!

TacoSounds Featured in THE EFFECTOR BOOK vol.64!

Hello everyone,

We have some exciting news! TacoSounds is featured in the latest issue of "THE EFFECTOR BOOK" vol.64, released today!

It's been about five months since we opened, and more people are starting to learn about us. This issue focuses on Cabinet Simulators, and we are honored that TacoSounds, specializing in Cabinet IRs, has been featured. The article provides a deep dive into who we are, and we hope this will help more people discover TacoSounds.

Additionally, this issue includes detailed explanations on how amp cabinets produce sound and the role of impulse responses. It also features insights from many renowned musicians on how they incorporate cabinet simulators in their studios and live performances. It's an excellent resource for understanding IR technology.

Be sure to pick up a copy at your local music store or bookstore!

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