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TacoSounds IR Free Sample Pack

TacoSounds IR Free Sample Pack

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Single and Mix Mic IRs

TacoSounds IR Free Sample Pack

At TacoSounds, we have nearly twenty 4x12" size cabinets in our studio, and we would like to introduce two particular cabinets that offer tight BASS and excellent clarity.

The first one is a cabinet with a BLUE Grill, based on a 1969 4x12” cabinet from Park™ by Jim Marshall, intended for the UK market. This cabinet features four very rare Celestion™ “Pre-Rola” G12M25 Green Back speakers.

The second one is characterized by its WHITE Cabinet and is a 1974 Marshall™ 1960B Large Checker Grill. It is equipped with four Celestion™ “ROLA” G12M25 Greenback speakers, known for their exceptional quality.

The single mic data was captured using a Shure™ SM57 Unidyne III. The mixed mic data was captured using a combination of the Shure™ SM57 Unidyne III and the sE Electronics™ VR1.

We have spent considerable time on miking and setting volumes (how to drive the speakers⚡) to create usable sounds, carefully selecting each tone. Our goal is to reduce the time spent choosing tones, allowing you to focus more on music production.

We hope you enjoy this sample pack as much as we do. Purchasing the full version will provide you with more sound variations. Please look forward to more exciting products from TacoSounds. Our journey has just begun, and we are excited to share our passion for sound with you. Keep creating amazing music!


  • 1VR is based on a sE Electronics VR1
  • SM57III is based on a Shure SM57 Unidyne III

Folder Contents

  • We have meticulously selected and included one single mic and one mix mic sample each from the TacoS 412 PARS Pre-R and 412 MARS-B L-Grill WT
  • Both the Single Mic and Mix Mic files are available in different sample rates: 96kHz, 48kHz, and 44.1kHz.
  • Additionally, all these files are organized into folders named according to their lengths, specifically 500ms and 200ms folders.

Folders Guide

You can download the latest manual for TacoSounds IR products from this link. We also recommend reading the folder guide when using the IR data.

TacoSounds IR Folders Guide English

TacoSounds IR Folders Guide Japanese

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