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    This page is specially created for our close friends, offering a wide array of IR files that we have developed, available for you to use immediately and free of charge. Please make the most of it and your support in spreading the word to get more people to purchase would be greatly appreciated!

Folders Guide

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Getting the Hang of Files and Folders

  1. Verwenden Sie standardmäßig den 500ms-Ordner.
  2. TacoSounds IRs werden mit 96kHz aufgenommen, aber viele IR-Lader verwenden 48kHz. Wählen Sie die passende Abtastrate für Ihre Einrichtung.
  3. Beim Mischen mit mehreren Mikrofonen wird die Verwendung von MPT (Minimale Phasenübertragung) empfohlen.

Let's break down what each part of a file name like 'TacoIR HWTT BOXY4122 Green 57III MPT' means in our manual. 'TacoIR HWTT BOXY4122' is the cabinet you're looking at, 'Green' tells you about the speaker inside, '57III' is all about the mic we used, and 'MPT'? That's the phase version. Please make the most of our products by referring to the images, descriptions, and individual cabinet manual PDFs provided. We greatly appreciate your feedback and requests.

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